I slept though the first half hour of Amos Poe's film Empire II, shown at the Tribecca Film Festival. It started at 11 pm, I was exhausted and dozed off immediately to Patti Smith.

Now normally -- being asleep at the beginning of film would be a issue, however in this case I woke up into the blast of the film's soundtrack and breathtaking color as though I had directly entered Robert Smithson's experience of [art as] filmic art. Once resident in Poe's landscape, I reveled in it like a dream, upset to be returned to the theater at the end of 2 1/2 more hours.

"A tone-poem meditation on the city of our dreams. With music by Patti Smith, Jim Carroll, Lucinda Williams, Jeff Buckley, Jimmie James, Steve Earle, Cassis Staudt, Max Nova, Gram Rabbit, Peggy Lee, Allison Moorer, Hysterics, Debbie Harry, B.B. King, Pink Martini, ... and many more."

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jannx said...

Fred, is this film going to be distributed? I'd love to get ahold of the sound track, quite the line up.