"Dot-Com Throne"

Tomorrow I get my Aeron chair back from Sam Flax. The seat needed repairing and the arms were worn out. Herman Miller offers a 12 year warranty so all I had to do was pay for pickup and delivery. Sam Flax has been great, personal emails, and a three personal phone calls!

Target's Kool Kolors Task Chair

Sometimes the Aeron seems a bit pretentious now that the dot-com era is "over." Like I am harboring a fugitive that escaped the Nasdaq debacle. In the interem I bought a couple of inexpensive green desk chairs from Target, gave one to a friend, smaller, nice colors, less showy, they fit into my smaller Brooklyn studio nicely.

I miss my Aeron, not just because it is comfortable, dare I say cozy? The NY Times called it the "dot-com throne," when the Aeron's designer, Bill Stumpf, died in September of 2006. My favorite quote from that article, "Aerons piled up in a corner as a kind of corporate graveyard after they laid off 95 percent of the staff in about two months."

I survived -- and so did my Aeron, both the Nasdaq and 9/11. I brought mine from Manhattan to Brooklyn in 2003, I will be glad to have it back home.

(It just came via messenger, and they rebuilt it like new, new seat, arms, and pneumatic cylinder!  www.samflax.com)

After a few days, I am not sure I will keep it, maybe I have finally outgrown it, now that I have been with the little green cutie from Target.

Update: I kept the Aeron!

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